'Conversations With a Roller Derby Legend'
Featuring Judy Arnold with Gary Powers

DVD on Sale Now!

August 6, 2009: To CELEBRATE the BIRTHDAY of Roller Derby HALL-OF-FAMER, JUDY ARNOLD, the NATIONAL ROLLER DERBY HALL OF FAME debuts its first ever 'Conversations with a Roller Derby Legend' DVD featuring an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the former Philadelphia Warriors' captain, a LEGEND of the banked track sport and a BELOVED figure within the Roller Derby family.

Filmed in Nevada at the 2009 Roller Derby 'Has Beens' annual reunion by acclaimed Maine filmmaker, ROGER AMORY, this STUNNINGLY-BEAUTIFUL two-hour DVD features NRD HOF Executive Director, GARY POWERS' one-hour conversation with JUDY ARNOLD, along with RARE SEGMENTS of SKATING ACTON from JUDY's banked track CAREER as she battles GREATS of the game like ANN CALVELLO, JUDY SOWINSKI, JOAN WESTON, SALLY VEGA, DIANE SYVERSON, SANDY DUNN, PATTI 'Moo Moo' CAVIN, EARLEAN '747' BROWN, 'Skinny Minnie' GWEN MILLER, B.J. PETERSON and even RONNIE RAINS, plus BOBBY RIGGS!!!

During this INTIMATE, up-close-and-personal CELEBRATION of a Roller Derby SUPERSTAR, Judy talks about discovering the sport while a teenager in San Francisco, her first years with the legendary Bay Bombers, winning 'Rookie-of-the-Year' honors skating with ANNIS 'Big Red' JENSEN, CHARLIE O'CONNELL and ANN CALVELLO, the differences between the 'Roller Games' brand of skating and the original Derby, what it was like skating against her toughest opponents like SHIRLEY HARDMAN, JAN VALLOW, JUDY SOWINSKI, DIANE SYVERSON, SALLY VEGA and ANN CALVELLO, 'doubling' for RAQUEL WELCH in 'KANSAS CITY BOMBER,' how that changed her life and precipitated her retirement from the sport in August, 1975, plus MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

YOUR PURCHASE of the DVD featuring this HISTORIC CONVERSATION at the SPECIAL PRICE of $39.99 will not only BENEFIT the NATIONAL ROLLER DERBY HALL OF FAME's efforts to CELEBRATE and PRESERVE the HISTORY of the sport, but will also BENEFIT Judy Arnold's 'TRUTH MINISTRIES.' The ENTIRE purchase price benefits both the NRD HOF and Judy's TRUTH MINISTRIES!!! We're hoping everyone will want to own this DVD and if it proves successful, the NRD HOF will continue this series of conversations with other LEGENDS of the BANKED TRACK SPORT in order to preserve the history of the sport AS TOLD BY those who were its GREATEST STARS.

Payment can be made with a CREDIT CARD thru PAYPAL and INCLUDES SHIPPING!!!

To pay by CHECK or MONEY ORDER, please make check payable to GARY POWERS and send to 630 E. 24th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11210. For FURTHER INFORMATION, contact Gary at RollerDerbyHOF@aol.com.

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