40 Years Ago: 1975 Farewell Tribute
to Judy Arnold as she Retires after 15 years of Professional Skating and enters The School of Theology . . .

On the last day of August 1975, Miss Judith Lynn Arnold will hang her skates up for the last time . . . leave the track, dressing room, long bus trips, the quick meals on the road, the bumps, roaring wheels, and the big banked track. After 15 years of professional skating, millions of fans will bid her farewell as she heads back westward to enter the School of Theology, at The Living Word Bible College, in Los Angeles, California. However, can she ever forget the multitude of friends made over the eight years here in the Delaware Valley, or in fact everywhere number '67' has skated. The cheers of fans, from Puerto Rico to Hawaii, Florida to Canada will echo for many a year, and a warm flame of appreciation will always burn in her heart. Judy wishes all her teammates, fans, and friends a fond farewell . . . and a blessing from God to all. Good Luck . . . our Judy! ♥ ♥ ♥

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