Exchanging Fame for a Purpose
Many consider Judy Arnold the greatest women's Roller Derby skater to ever grace the banked oval. She began skating in 1960 and her career quickly began to soar. Arnold soon became the captain of the Philadelphia Warriors in 1967 and at the peak of her career, she retired in 1975. Why did Arnold walk away from a lucrative career, fame and fortune? Ah, therein lies a great story...
What life-changing decision caused Judy Arnold to
walk away from the lucrative career she loved?
Judy's story is one you can relate to, and will touch your life. The story of how a woman who had it all, put down her skates and picked up the truth.

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Message From Judy

I will periodically be updating my site with more pictures and announcements so please visit again. Blessings, Judy


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Judy Arnold, once the famed Captain of the Philadelphia Warriors is now a speaker and evangelist. Book Judy to speak at your event.

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